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I am simply thrilled to share the experience of Reiki in my life. Though, it is very difficult to remember all the experiences. In my Reiki journey till today, I have successfully cured many diseases like B.P., Diabetes, Thyroid, Cancer, Arthritis, Aids, Spodeoilitis, Slip Disc & Cervical problems. Hope and pray that I will able to serve the humanity through Reiki in future also.

Dr.S.Gopal Dev

Reiki-My life Journey. During March-April 1991, I was affected by many health problems such as Thyroid, B.P., Diabetes and Menses problem. I was admitted to a hospital at Anand where doctor had given up the hopes of my survival. At that time, I was saved by Dr.S.Gopal Dev, my Reiki Guru, through his distance Reiki Treatment. I have made Reiki as my life support and today, I have become Reiki Grand Master. i.e yesterday's sick person has become today's Reiki Healer. 

Mrs.Shyamala S. Iyer

After learning Reiki, many problems in our life were solved in no time. I was able to overcome tention and fear. By treating others, I got very good results. Suchas, one lady was having fear during evenings. She was cured in 10 days through Reiki. The other lady was able to see only partially. Even after 2 years of treatment and operation she was not cured. She was totally cured in 40 days time through Reiki. Similarly, we are able to get good quick results in many cases of tumor-heart enlargement-diabetes etc. Today, I am a Reiki Grand Master. 

Mrs Vimla S. Gajjar (Kutchh)

Before coming to Reiki field, I was suffering from depression-slip disc- and many other ailments. Life was a burden to me. After learning Reiki, I could feel peace of mind. Thus, Reiki became a catalyst in my life. There are no words like pain-agony-depression- suffering in my dictionary now. Today, after becoming a Reiki Grand Master, it has become my life's goal to spread Reiki through out the country. 

Mrs Chetna Pandya

I was suggested knee replacement by Doctors. It was difficult for me to even walk a few steps. I could not live a normal life. I was then suggested to go for Reiki. I got treatment from Gopalbhai. He suggested me to learn Reiki. After learning and practising regularly, my knees are perfectly alright. I can even sit on a floor for hours together.

Mrs Shakuntala Patel

My family and myself were in shock when we came to know that i had 4th stage Cancer. As per Doctors I had barely a few months of life left. When I came into contact with Gopalbhai, he assured me. After having a few sittings, I learned reiki myself. After a regular practice, there was a sharp change in my physical health. I was given Chemo Therapy. To the surprise of everyone I had no side effects. Today I have dedicated my life to Reiki. 

Mrs Kokilaben Patel

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